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Bernard Chandran, born on February 27, 1968, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, epitomizes cultural fusion and creative ambition in fashion design. Raised with Indian and Chinese roots, his upbringing instilled a unique perspective that shaped his innovative approach to fashion. Initially pursuing accounting, Bernard followed his true passion by enrolling at the International Fashion Training College in Kuala Lumpur in 1988. His career flourished in Paris, where he became the first non-European to win both the Silk Cut Young Designers Award and the Open European Contest for Look of the Year in 1991.

Returning to Malaysia in 1993, Bernard launched his namesake brand, pioneering groundbreaking designs that revitalized traditional Malay attire. His inventive use of embellishments and fabrics garnered acclaim from Malaysian elites and global icons like Michelle Yeoh and Lady Gaga, cementing his status as a trailblazer in the industry. Over the years, Bernard Chandran has received accolades such as the prestigious Dato title in 2006, recognizing his contributions to fashion design by the Sultan of Pahang.

Bernard's international influence expanded with milestones like his debut at London Fashion Week in 2000 and the opening of flagship boutiques in Kuala Lumpur (2003) and Paris (2007). Notable achievements include designing attire for Malaysian athletes at the 2012 London Olympics and receiving the Designer of the Year award at the Malaysia Fashion Awards in 2017. He continues to innovate, as demonstrated by his 2012 collection featuring all-black models, advocating for diversity in fashion.

In 2018, Bernard celebrated his career with a retrospective exhibition in Kuala Lumpur and embraced digital commerce in 2020 with the launch of an online store. His commitment to inclusivity and artistic expression underscores his enduring impact on global fashion.